Capacity List

We have some of the largest turning, milling, planing, vertical boring and horizontal boring machines in the country and our extensive shop floor capability is shown below. You can also download the capacity list here.


Granor Centre Lathe 66” Ø swing over saddle x 27ft between centres with D.R.O.
Binns & Berry Centre Lathe. 40” Swing x 45ft between centres twin saddle with D.R.O.
Swift Centre Lathe 30” swing x 29ft 6” between centres. D.S.G. type 25 x 12ft between centres.
D.S.G. type 30 x 12ft between centres with hydraulic copy.
D.S.G. type 21 x 17ft between centres.
D.S.G. type 21 x 12ft between centres.
D.S.G. type 18 x 17ft 6” between centres.
2 off Ward No 7 Turret Lathe.
2 off Colchester Student lathes.


Craven 5000mm swing x 3800mm under bridge, twin ram, side ram, D.R.O.
Berthiez 7000mm swing x 3500mm under bridge with side ram & D.R.O.
Berthiez 6000mm swing x 2200mm under bridge with side ram & D.R.O
Craven 13ft 4” Dia swing x 8ft under bridge, Twin Ram with D.R.O.
Richards 10ft 4” dia swing x 7ft under Bridge Twin Ram with D.R.O.
Richards 8ft dia swing x 6ft under Bridge Twin Ram with D.R.O.
Richards 6ft 6” dia swing x 5ft under Bridge Twin Ram with D.R.O.
Webster & Bennett 4ft 8” Swing x 28” under Bridge single turret with D.R.O.
Webster & Bennett 6ft 2” swing x 30” under Bridge Single Turret with D.R.O.
Webster & Bennett 6ft 6” swing x 30” under Bridge single turret with D.R.O.
Webster & Bennett 84” swing x 50” under Bridge single turret with D.R.O.


Asquith Floor Borer
5” Ø Spindle
Milling Head
42” Spindle Traverse
12ft Horizontal Traverse
9ft Vertical Traverse
With D.R.O. and Powered Rotary Table.

Kearns Richards 130 Table Type Horizontal Borer with Anilam Control, 4-Axis DRO, Ball Screws on all 4-Axis, Variable Speed, Variable Feed, Powered Rotary Table, 2 x Spindle Supports, 2 x Facing Tool holders, Out Rigger Rails, Powered Rotary Table: 1830 x 1830mm, Long Traverse: 1800mm, Cross Traverse: 2500mm, Vertical Traverse: 1800mm, Spindle diameter: 130mm, Facing Head Diameter: 1220mm

Kearns Richards SF 125 CNC 
10' x 10' x 6'


Archdale 12ft Radial Arm Drill
Archdale 9ft Radial Arm Drill
Archdale 7ft Radial Arm Drill
Asquith 4ft Radial Arm Drill
Kitchen + Wade 4ft Radial Arm Drill
Kitchen + Wade 8ft Radial Arm Drill
Pollard Pillar Drill No 4 Morse Taper with pneumatic index table.
Pollard Pillar Drill No 3 Morse Taper with pneumatic index table.
Various Pillar and Multi Spindle Drills.


Asquith Butler CNC Elgamill 10000mm x 2500mm x 1000mm
Elgamill 6 mtr type CS 10 with D.R.O.
Parkson Universal Miller.

Stirk Planomilling / Planing Machine Capacity X = 13,000 Table Travel Y = 3075 Between Columns Z = 2450 Under Crossrail, Twin Drives for Milling and Planing, Twin Planing Boxes Plus 2 Side Boxes, 50s international Universal Milling Head, DRO on X and Y axis.

Noble & Lund Model HMA 3-Axis Ram Type CNC Elevating Rail Planomill (1987) with Fagor Control, Table Size: 8400 x 3360mm, Manual Elevating Side Head, Distance between Columns: 4800mm, Maximum Height Under Cross Rail: 4800mm, X Traverse: 7600mm, Y Traverse: 4800mm, Z Traverse: 2500mm


1 off Broadbent 14” stroke 36” Throat 6ft Dia Workpiece
1 off Broadbent 30” Stroke 84” Throat 14ft Dia Workpiece


Warburton 500 Ton x 32ft long Horizontal Roll and Pulley Press.
Warburton 80 ton vertical press


S.M.T. ½” Plate x 8ft Hydraulic Shear.
Morgan ¼” Plate x 6ft Mechanical Guillotine.


Vickers 5-ton Welding Positioner.
Bode 100 ton self-aligning rotators


Bombled 6mm x 12ft Powered Folder


Jones & Shipman surface grinders type 1400
Various grinding & linishing heads for both lathes and Elgamill etc.
Slitting Blade Grinder 12” dia capacity


Horizontal Bandsaw 400 Ø capacity
Amada Auto Horizontal Bandsaw 320 Ø capacity.
Ajax Hydraulic Saw 300mm Ø capacity.
Various power hacksaws


Plasma cutting up to 40mm thick.
MiG, TiG and arc welding up to 600 amps


Large Fitting Shop with craneage up to 100 tons.
Large selection of assembly aids as listed below
Floor plates up to 40ft long
Single piece or multiples up to 120 ft long.
Angle plates up to 8ft high x 6ft wide
Cast Iron Cubes up to 16ft long.
Hydraulic Pressure Testing up to 10,000 P.S.I
Various Lifting Jacks up to 100 tons.


Various Lifting Beams and Swing Jibs up to 2 Tons

1 5 ton Demag E.O.T.C.
1 4 ton Demag E.O.T.C.
1 5 ton Morris E.O.T.C
1 5-ton Matterson E.O.T.C.
1 7½-ton Demag E.O.T.C.
1 10-ton Demag E.O.T.C.
1 10 ton Morris E.O.T.C.
2 25 ton Morris E.O.T.C.
2 20 ton Carruthers E.O.T.C.
1 100 ton Morris E.O.T.C with 10ton auxiliary hook


Stainless Steel Bar up to 6” Dia
Stainless Steel Plate up to 40mm Thick
Carbon Steel Bar up to 20” Ø
Carbon Steel Plate up to 150mm thick.

12,000 SQ FT stores with valves and pipefittings
Over 80 tons Nuts and Bolts and Studs up to 80mm / 2½” Ø in metric, U.N.C., U.N.F., B.S.F., B.S.W.,
Extensive selection of tooling with drills up to 5” Ø and Taps up to 4” B.S.P.


AutoCAD All Versions
HP A0 Colour Plotters

Springbank Mill
Albert Street,
Blackburn, Lancashire.